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Peter is straight, loves women (talks about pussy constantly) and is one handsome so and so. Evan hails originally from England and is gay. Neither guy had met until that dripping hot afternoon. The set up was simple, Peter wanted a blow job and Evan wanted to give one.
We threw a little get together a little while back and invited new guys Dirk and Max to hang with us and the ever so horny Peter. Peter is a total instigator and he didn't fail us this time as the night wore on. The guys took Peter's lead and what transpired was so fucking hot, none of us there could believe what we were witnessing. Totally fun! Enjoy!
Man we finally did it! We finally convinced Peter (who grows more curious as time goes on) to suck on his first dick! The scene was fun. We had a weekend visitor named Giovanni back (remember him from a few years ago?) and Giovanni was ever so horny and really wanted some head. Peter really wanted to make some money and have some fun so when he called I told him to be sure to come by and we'd have a surprise waiting for him. As we urged Peter to skinny dip in the pool we brought out his surprise...Giovanni and his 9incher! Surprise, surprise! Enjoy!
In all the years that we've known and worked with Peter never once did we ever pair him with the remarkably hot and hung Bentley. We've watched Peter over the years as he grew from a fledgling "never touched a cock but my own" model to a more mature "shove it in my ass" kind of guy.

On Bentley's recent reunion tour here he stopped in to say hello before winding his way out of town for the coast. Peter had just gotten back in contact with me and I knew that I had to put him together with Bentley. As hot as I dreamed it would be, the day of filming was even hotter than I had imagined and well I suppose you can too knowing these guys as well as you do. So here they are...I know it's what I was anxious to see and I hope you are too.. Peter meets Bentley. Enjoy!

Today we got Kasden, Peter & Talon together for a little action... or a lot of action, actually! We put them all together and started handing out some toys for the boys. By now we've pushed these guys limits pretty far, so this steamy sex scene is as good as it gets. Jacking off? Check. Oral? Check. Lots of anal action? Check. It's all in there. Enjoy!
We had some guys over recently including a few of our friends that we flew in, Lucas and Zack. Peter was among the party guests and let's just say that we were all pretty done in by the evening's festivities. Peter was one of the first to wake up. Peter of course being the red blooded American male that he is had a serious case of morning wood that we wanted taken care of with a blow job. I told Peter that there was an abundance of hot mouths that might want to satisfy him (mine not included as I thought he needed some "strange"). So we devised a plan to see if Lucas would blow him seeing that Lucas had never sucked a cock before in his life. Our little plan was hella fun and you'll have fun finding out if it worked, Enjoy!
So for today's update we convinced these two studs to go "all the way". Peter doesn't mess around one bit when it cums to fucking Spence, and correct me if I'm wrong, but it does appear Spence loves it more than he originally led us to believe when he's getting topped by our straight boys! Get your popcorn (and lube and tissue) ready for this one!
We have been mixing things up a bit as of lately and today's update fits right along that format. We were going to find someone for Talon to Fuck but we thought hittin you all with a toy video would be much more interesting. So I called up these two hott boys and discussed making a toy video and how they felt about it...Well to their surprise on set when I broke out this 16 inch double dildo off cam they about jumped out of their socks. I hope you enjoy this one. It was fun to shoot and even better to watch these guys put something in their butts for the first time!
Our buddy Peter came back to town recently and we were thrilled! As a special treat for our boys, we decided to arrange for some 'Live Porn' for them to watch. We paired up Kasden with Peter and had Jesse and Alexa go to town. Jesse and Alexa are a very open married couple and thought it was cool we wanted to use them having sex instead of a porn to turn out guys on. I think the results justify the means. Enjoy!
He's back and better than ever. That's right your favorite straight guy (and ours) Peter is back from his "hiatus" and damned if he doesn't look just too good to eat; which is exactly what we did. Peter's bod is tight, toned and tanned and ready for consumption. Not having had any "attention" in his groin area for nearly three months - Peter was all about getting some good head the minute he got out. So what'd he do? You got it, he came straight to us for some much needed oral attention. Enjoy! We sure as hell did!
We just love it when a group of guys gets together to do what all guys do - stroke their meat. We invited two of our hottest exhibitionists, Peter and David to join new guy Skyler who's just a bit shyer to watch a live fuck scene. April brought her boy toy Kasden to the shoot and the two of them fucked while the guys grew hornier and hornier and their dicks grew harder and harder. What a turn on! Enjoy!
We met a hot young Kansas guy last weekend named "Brick". Brick told us that he was pretty open mined. The day for Brick's video came and Jay and I had Peter in town to help us (true story). During Brick's "solo" video he suddenly asked if he could do something more. Guys, this is one of the best films we've done in a while. Totally hot and a helluva surprise! Enjoy.
We've got Peter and Michigan in the house today guys! Both guys are so cool to hang with, both love to brag about the pussy they scored the other night and both are just so open and candid about what they like and what they want and how they want it that we just knew having them hang with us would be a winner.
We recently had Kaz in from KC for a visit, and wanted to make a couple of films with him while he was here. So we got him together with Peter for this smokin' video. Two hot guys, two hot cocks, and a whole lot of fun! This'll get you past hump day for sure ;)
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