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During the weekend that Jared stayed with us it was so damned hard not to jump the guy's bones everytime he walked by. But restrain ourselves we did (well okay most of the time) and today's video shows what happens when a straight boy wakes up around here.
Recipe for a hot afternoon: Take two horny straight guys, a couple pussy magazines and voila you get a couple of boners. And what do guys do when the boner just won't go away? Play with it, that's what. Stroke, suck and grope until the creamed filling emerges! hahaha..That was the recipe that we cooked up recently when we asked Bryan and Jared to film one hot afternoon a few weeks ago.

The guys were horny and having a good time as they knew that they were gonna be getting off soon but the fun got more and more intense as we started playing with and teasing the boys. We of course had to get a taste but were more than happy to let the boys do their own action...(get a load of Jared as he watches Bryan's cock and then shoves Jay out of the way to go down on him! PRICELESS!) Enjoy guys - this one's a nut buster

We had Jared back recently and decided it would be hella hot to have him and another hottie play around with some toys before they popped their loads. Smoke joined us for this little playtime romp. We broke out the new dick pump and had some fun with that but the real fun began when the guys learned how to fuck a gel pussy that we conveniently stuck in between the bed and the mattress. But oh…the fun doesn't stop there, the toy action just got em started. Think you'll really like this one. Enjoy!
What a party! Jared and Paul and Marcus all spent time together a few weeks back when we flew em in for some filming and fun. Marcus being the stud that he is would go out at night and hunt for pussy and Jared and Paul would tag along. The guys were pretty

horned up after going to the strip clubs the night before and so the set up for

this was perfect. Marcus brought in a new girl that we're working with named

April while the guys watched porn and started giggling and jerking their dicks.

Suddenly April was so turned on by watching the guys that she started doing it

with Marcus in front of Jared and Paul. This turned the guys on SO fucking much!

They could hardly contain themselves. April was so hot that as the guys were

sucking each other or getting ready to nut she would say "I wanna see!". It was

kind of hard for her to see as she was on her back alot..ha. Lots of fun banter

and real, hot, wet fun!

We've been talking off and on for a few months now with a really hot guy that some of you may

recognize. Ryan is a real scorcher! Red headed and tall Ryan is straight but doesn't mind fooling around with guys if his "needs" are met and from the weekend we just spent with him we can tell you that one of those "needs" is getting his big dick off as much as possible! This video starts out casually as Jared takes a dip in the pool and discovers Ryan jacking his dick to some porn.

Well guess that was all the invitation that was required as Jared joins in on the action that quickly turns to an all out suckfest! Enjoy!

Jared is always a pleasure to work with; confident, cocky, and a true stud – the whole package. David is also a very cool character; he was letting a drag queen do body shots off his chest recently when we had an event at MiggieB’s (a local gay restaurant owned by a friend of ours). So when we had an opportunity to pair these guys up we jumped at the chance. These guys are so relaxed when they work with us that it really comes across in the video. There was a kind of chemistry while we were shooting this that made it very real and hot.

Once Jay and I let the camera roll these two hot ‘n horny jocks went to town. With some pussy porn to spur them on it was no time at all until they were naked and rubbing on themselves and each other! With some hot oral action, this is a great way to start the week. Enjoy!

We met a guy out at the bar the other night who was there to see us and some of the guys. Matthew ntroduced himself to us and after some time talking we asked him if he might beinterested in being in videos. Matthew is young, adorable and gay. He was googly eyed over the guys we brought with us and when we mentioned that he might get to "do" some of them he was all about it! Matthew showed up the next day and we re introduced him to Jared but this time in a much more intimate way...;)
How long has it been since you've had good head? Well, there's nothing wrong with a few guys helping each other out so they don’t have to wait too long. Xavier, Thad and Jared all in the same bed is like an ASG wet dream come true. Three sexy guys and three hot cocks all aching to shoot their loads. Xavier is sporting a new look with some chest hair and a happy trail that will drive you crazy. Thad returns in his third ASG video and he is muy caliente.ť And Jared, well he is perfect as usual. If you're down for some hot oral action, this video is for you. Enjoy
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