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ASG Doug

Doug is the founder of Amateur Straight Guys
Josh came (literally) to Kansas City this last summer from Minnesota to visit us. After a long,

intense night of making a straight fuck film Josh took a few hours in his hotel room to crash before returning by car to his home in the Minneapolis area. We had arranged to make a "departure" jack off video with Josh before he left so we arrived at the appointed time but found this stud asleep in his hotel room. What to do? hmmm....should we proceed with the video and wake him up or should we let him sleep and gradually wake him up while filming him? Of all the people we've

met Josh has to be one of the horniest and most eager to get off. Knowing this we took a chance to see if some advances might be welcome. Well guess what...."welcome" is an understatement. This dude couldn't wait to get off again as you'll see from the clips. This has to be one of the hottest videos we've ever filmed....and we get hard-ons every time we even think about it. Now we're happy to share all of this hot clip with you and hope you find it as hot and memorable of an experience as we do. Enjoy!

About a year and a half ago you first met Damon who now calls himself Karma. He and I have been friends for several years and I always love it when he comes around. He's smart, funny and always walks on the wild side, this last visit being no exception. Karma and his newly found girlfriend paid me a visit a few weeks back early in the morning.

Seems that the new gal pal has a thing for watching guys go down on each other and apparently the sweet girl wanted to see another man go down on her man's johnson. Hell honey, where have you been all my life? I need a friend like you to go with me to the bars on Saturday night! Being the avid cocksucker that I am I of course was certainly willing to go along with the game and god damn..am I glad I did! You will be too…Enjoy!

Tony is a gorgeous boy with a big smile and an even bigger cock. He talks about how he gets stared at the gym...apparently he gets checked out in the sauna all the time, and who can blame them? Ever the soft-hearted hunk he says it doesn't really bother him, but he won't go into the shower because sometimes guys try to follow him in there. Well, if they do it's only because they want to do what Doug gets to do in this video: give Tony an expert blowjob and a helping hand!
Smoke is just about one of the most down-to-earth dudes you'd want to meet and besides being down-to-earth he loves to "get down" and show off. This guy is quiet and reserved, really digs working out and being in shape and obviously he does a good job at it as his physique is spectacular! So when I got the chance to do this video with him, I jumped all over it - and him! Enjoy!
During Brayden's visit the days were just beginning to get warm in Phoenix...ah who the fuck am I kidding? It was fucking scorching!

As I arose one morning with beatiful Brayden sleeping in the next room sat down to my usual series of daily "to do" items when ZAP! The power went out.

Now mind you it was about 9:30 or 10 AM, which is not the hottest part of the day, but if the AC stayed off for too long it would be a distaster...I had too much to do that day, including a movie with Brayden.

What to do? Oh yeah, call the power company and of course break out the night vision cam as the show must go on.

Just as we began to tape the gods smiled on us and the power came back on. But by that time Brayden had managed to fall back asleep, which is exactly where I wanted him...enjoy!

Recently I had the opportunity to get to know a very hot and very nice guy who goes by Brayden; Brayden Lang to be exact. I ran across Brayden on an industry hiring board and he instantly caught my eye. After a few conversations and some very vivid fantasies on my part he was jetting his way across the country to spend a few days with me. Brayden looked familiar and I came to understand why. It seems that Brayden is a recent refugee from Broke Straight Boys and let's just say that like the boat people from Vietnam in the 70s he was happy to be on friendly territory. Super fuckin' hot Brayden seemed almost too good to be true and he seemed way older than his mere twenty years. But the old cocksucker had a thing or two to teach him as you will see from today's video. I was so horny for Brayden during his entire visit and being a gentleman (at least this time) I hadn't touched the merchandise until one fateful day.....Enjoy!
An adorable young guy crossed my path last week and I was so excited by how well we hit it off and how fucking unbelievably cute and hot he was that I had to share him with y'all as soon as i possibly could. Tony Rogers is his name and ladies (and I use that term ever so loosely) and gentlemen if there is one model on this site that epitomizes what Amateur Straight Guys is all about I would have to pick Tony Rogers. This 19 year old "straight but gotta itch" mother fucker emailed me a week or so ago stating that he was a new arrival in town and that I could forget looking at any other models because he "was it". Cocky aint he? Anyway, I made an appointment with Tony as soon as I could and we filmed right away. Today's film is that product and it is a scorcher! Enjoy!
Domonic and I were slated to do a photo shoot when I shot this film. As usual it took me longer to set up for the shoot than I'd planned and being late (past midnight) I walked into the room where we were set to shoot and found Domonic snoozing away. He had fallen asleep waiting for my ass to get ready...so instead of a photo shoot I turned it into an impromptu video of me creeping into Dom's drawers which I have to admit was pretty exhilarating as I didn't know if the sleeping giant was going to beat the shit out of me or let me have my way….

And it turns out that not only did Domonic love the attention that his crotch got that night from my willing hand and then some….he almost crawled out of his skin! Sometimes when you get that into it when bedding a straight fella he gets scared and freaks out that the sexual ecstasy he just experienced means that he might be of all things…GAY?! Don't worry guys Dom was down to his usual women worshipping ways soon enough thereafter but I know deep inside he'll never forget that night or me and how I made him feel. Makes me smile. Enjoy!

A few months ago Lee called me up as he always does and informs me that he is on his way to Arizona for a long overdue visit. Lee and I have become closer over the last few months and I don't care if the Pope were coming into town to stay with me (like that would ever happen)...I would say "Hey Pope, you gotta go cuz my friend Lee is coming to stay for a few days...bye". In other words, Lee is always welcome and so is his cock which I simply can't resist as you'll soon be able to tell by this video segment. Lee's cock is classic, bigger than average, stiffer than a board and he's always and I mean always horny. His woman has my sympathy...as I know he has to give it to her good at least twice a day. Poor dear. The following clip is what typically happens oh about an hour or two after Lee hits town. He unpacks, has a drink or two, talks shit over with me or whoever else is at the house and then meanders into the room where the porn is always on and I am soon to follow as I lock the door behind me. Love this kid....damn that next visit is way overdue...Enjoy!
Today we kick off our production schedule and celebrate ASG’s 10th birthday with a double header which as you know is always two times the fun. New guy Luke Larsen joins us twice as he learns “the ropes” with yours truly as the experienced teacher. Luke is handsome (God is that an understatement) and looks remarkably like a young Paul Newman. At age 26 Luke is certainly old enough to have fun and young enough to not care.

Almost 6’ tall Luke is pretty impressive when you meet him in person and I’m sure it’s his good looks that command attention. But lest we seem shallow Luke is very interesting and has had a pretty eventful life. He’s an avid sportsman and loves camping so much that when we first met him he had just finished a five month camp out in the Arizona desert! Five months! Jeez.. Luke is the first of our new line up at the ASG stable and interestingly we found him last fall prior to the “Great Pause” and we filmed part one of this double header in October but never ran the footage. So technically, Luke is an old ASG model that you all never had the pleasure to meet. Well now the pleasure is all ours as Luke returns to ASG and to all the attention and worship he deserves! Enjoy!

Our "drop in" saga continues this week with Spence. Spence and I slowly became good buds (very slowly) but once that trust level was established he is the best guy to hang with and totally cool, open minded and supportive. Spence loves the big "O", loves to edge it for a long time and loves to watch double fisted porn (that's when you have two remotes, one in each hand!) This week's double feature brings you Spence at his hottest and in the most comfortable of environments. Whenever I hang out with Spence we always have an awesome time, filled with surprises (boy is that an understatement...just watch the video you'll understand). I think you all will enjoy the reality of this film. It is exactly as it all unfolded every delicious and um..interesting bit. :)
He's baaack! Welcome home James! Our long lost guy has finally after two years found his way back to the old jack off shack. Missed ya buddy. Actually we kept "in the know" about James and his whereabouts through his friends Diesel and Smoke. The now married James was ever so broke and ever so horny the other day when he picked up the phone at the urging of his wife to give us a call. We cracked up over that one but laughter soon turned to tears after James unveiled that enormous monster he carries around in his shorts. Fuck we missed him too. Enjoy James and be looking for more of him coming up soon....welcome back buddy!
I met Ludden one early morning as I was perusing the local sex ads on Craig's List. His ad was different. He wasn't advertising sex he was offering to be a friend which if you know CL is pretty unusual. He had just moved here from Cali with his harem (more on that sometime) and started feeling the need to scratch an itch that he had never noticed before by posting an ad. I responded, he responded and well the next thing I knew he was sitting on my face! This is a compilation of two films, one we did recently and one that I shot that infamous night we first met. He didn't want to have the footage shown then and so he wouldn't let me film until towards the end of "the deed" but I managed to get a few choice pieces...Enjoy!
24 year old "Big Tex" is one of those transient guys that every straight guy cocksucker meets now and then. You always look back at those transient guys and wonder after time where they are and how they're doing knowing full well you'll probably never see them again. Big Tex met us and told us that he would be leaving to go back to Texas within a week from making this film so by now he's long gone but the um... "memory" still remains(as do the stains on my shirt). Loved this guy. He's tall, studly, all-man and very friendly. Think you'll love him too. Enjoy!
Ok guys hang on to your hats and pants cuz this one's gonna be fun! A month or so ago we introduced you to new guy Brock. Brock is a new friend of Jay's and after filming with us the first time he made it pretty clear that he wasn't all that into having a guy do anything to him. Seems all that's changed. Guess his new friendship with Jay opened up his horizons AND his zipper! haha.

So when Brock called we weren't too surprised to hear that he had changed his mind on a few items and that while he wasn't too keen before about any guy doing him ON CAMERA (get that?) that he was more open now and wanted to come in and have some fun. Uh hello?! Get the camera, get the lube, get the lights and the towels and get his ass down here now! Brock is sexy, straight and hella masculine and like any guy he loves head. So we asked straight but pliable James to join us in an all out ass kicker (or is that licker?).

After Shane fucked Spence in the upstairs "playroom" Spence hadn't bust a nut yet and I promised him that this time I would make him bust and not his video partner. The house was quiet with the rest of the guests leaving around 2am. This left only me, Spence and Shane. Shane decided to stay the night but before he hit the sack he wanted to help us with the camera. What transpired in that playroom I won't soon forget. I've had a "thing" for Spence forever and until then had never really ever gotten him alone. I made Spence edge over and over again until his cock was about ready to explode right off his crotch! And eventually he did. I loved making this video. It's as real and raw as it gets. Shane our cameraman needs some training and the lighting is pretty dim but the overall sexual energy of my time with Spence is something rare for video. Watching it all over again I'm tempted to pick up the phone and call him again. Fuck that was hot!
The last house on the road belongs to 29-year-old M.G. (short for 'Mystery Guest' #2), who invited Doug over late one night to share a few cold ones - and more importantly, for some desperately-appreciated relief! M.G.'s one of those hunky straight blue collar neighbor-guy-types you'd never suspect would ever cross the line no matter how badly he needed to nut. However, all it takes is a few good gropes and M.G.'s up to his full eight inches, with Doug's gorgeous face wrapped around his dick and a thumb shoved deep in his hairy asshole. Before long, M.G. begs Doug to fuck him and the tables turn completely. Doug whips out his massive tool, chokes up on it like a baseball bat, and swings at M.G.'s open mouth. Their messy oral climax is all in an ASG night's work.
Eric, Ry and Johnny joined us a few weeks back for a little impromptu all guy jackin, lickin and suckin party. We've watched in amazement as each of these straight/curious studs have expanded their sexual horizons - so to speak. Well keep expanding guys cuz if this video is any indication of what we have to cum in the future....watch out! Eric naturally seemed to be the center of attention that night and stayed that way pretty much thought the evening. Jay and I stayed on the sidelines at first but as things got a bit more heated we each joined in our own way. Of course Doug popped right in there and joined the all guy romp. Hope you enjoy the footage of that hard, wet night. Enjoy!
Picture it... You have just begun working for the ASG Porn Palace and a hot, horny, red-headed 18 year old makes his appearance for a photo shoot and workout cam. Having been...uhm...worked up for well over two hours, he's more than ready for the release, as it were. So, said hot, horny, red-headed 18 year old plops his happy ass down on the bean bag in the office and starts goin' to town...

Well, Doug being the kindly soul that he is, is always willing to lend the guys a helping...mouth. And Justin being the hot, horny, red-headed 18 year old who is perpetually hard, is never one to turn down such assistance. Though...who would? Puh-leez!

Seth is a young straight guy who has decided to travel across the western US looking for fun and pussy (not necessarily in that order...hehe). And while he found no pussy when he met us he did find some fun. Hell yah. We invited Seth over to a friends house who just happens to have a pool. Now we had met and "interviewed" Seth a bit earlier and knew that the guy was down for letting us play a little...just as long as it didn't go too far. We got to our friends place and the sun as close to setting so we had to hurry and shoot the footage we got before it got too dark to shoot. So after a quick dive in the pool we decided to go diving ourselves. Mmmmm...delicious. Enjoy
He's back and better than ever. That's right your favorite straight guy (and ours) Peter is back from his "hiatus" and damned if he doesn't look just too good to eat; which is exactly what we did. Peter's bod is tight, toned and tanned and ready for consumption. Not having had any "attention" in his groin area for nearly three months - Peter was all about getting some good head the minute he got out. So what'd he do? You got it, he came straight to us for some much needed oral attention. Enjoy! We sure as hell did!
Meet James a 25 year old beefy stud that we met recently from Austin Texas. James contacted us a while back and we were pretty intrigued by how he described himself. James loves attention and he had to date never had any sexual interaction with another male and of course that changed but fast during his visit. James only wanted to "jack off and fuck bitches" but once the sweet talkin' and admirin' came into play he opened his fly like a door. Hello?! Enjoy.
During our last trip back home we hooked up with that hot-as-fuck French guy Chris. Chris learned just how good a blow job can be from a guy during our first film with him last summer and this fall he was persistent -- he wanted more. And he sure as hell got it! Doug couldn't wait to get that suave stud on top of his chest so he could stick that uncut cock in his mouth and fuck away! Lots of hot, messy fun in this one guys...Enjoy!
We called Kai up the other day and asked him if he wanted to drop by; we had a special surprise for him. As it turned out, he loved the toy so much he wanted to take it home with him! And while he was all horned up we took turns having some fun with him too. A classic Doug & Jay video doing what we do best – getting straight guys off! Enjoy : )
Mike had just gotten off work and stopped by for the same reason Rob had - he wanted to get his rocks off in a hot mouth. Or as in this case, mouths! In part two of today's double header we decided to take care of both Mike and Rob in this classic double guy blow job movie. Enjoy!
A horny Payton paid us a visit recently to get his rocks off. Payton's a helluva fun guy because he's so open to getting off with some help and even experimenting some himself. He's a true pleasure to be around with or without his clothes but recently we went for the no clothes option and fuck was that fun! Payton caught some rays by the pool and the heat and the sun beating down on him turned him even more horny than he was when he arrived. So what to do with a horny, hung English lad who is laying out nearly naked poolside? What do you think we did? Enjoy!
Spence is yummy and you know after watching him get sucked by this guy and that guy and watching all those hot sex scenes we've filmed with him over the last few months, Jay and I said "fuck it" we're gonna get us a taste again. And taste we did as we invited Spence to spend an hour in our mouths. Fuck was that fun, not to mention messy! I could die with Spence riding my face and I'd be a happy man. Enjoy!
Ed is one of my favorite guys to play with. He's been a "regular" of mine for about four years now and for some reason I always get hella turned on by him. His straight guy ways are evident but as the years have gone by Ed just gets more and more comfortable with doing ..as he calls it "gay stuff". As you can tell from watching this video Ed is laid back, horny and ready to experiment. Hope you enjoy this peek into our little trysts
Our buddy Rob is a hot young stud who loves getting blow jobs from Doug & Jay. He stops by quite often (off camera) for a servicing so we thought we might as well film a session with him. I guess he knows a good blow job when he feels it! There's something really sexy about a straight guy who doesn't care WHO'S sucking his dick -- just that they're good at it.
Sexy Dirk is really one of our new favorites. He's always teasing, poking and prodding us to grab him or pay extra attention to his sexy ass! Who could resist? He is perma hard all the time and today's video shows just how open he is to playing around. Gotta love this sexy, teasy straight stud! Enjoy.
Sexy Dirk is really one of our new favorites. He's always teasing, poking and prodding us to grab him or pay extra attention to his sexy ass! Who could resist? He is perma hard all the time and today's video shows just how open he is to playing around. Gotta love this sexy, teasy straight stud! Enjoy.
We've got Peter and Michigan in the house today guys! Both guys are so cool to hang with, both love to brag about the pussy they scored the other night and both are just so open and candid about what they like and what they want and how they want it that we just knew having them hang with us would be a winner.
We hijacked Lance and David who both called us that day telling us how horny they were and we took em to a nice place for a little r&r. As the evening wore on we hightailed it back to the room and the guys asked to see some puss on TV. Jay and I weren't surprised at how quickly the guys pulled out their dicks and began whacking to what they were watching. Well they didn't whack for long...hehe.
We had our buddy Grant up at a cabin in Northern AZ (he lives up there, conveniently) and we decided he needed to get his mind blown. Or his cock. Or both! LOL I'm pretty sure we succeeded, but you be the judge. Enjoy!
We thought it would be fun and HOT to film a few dirty talking videos where we have the guy call a sex line. Lots of guys call sex lines just to get off but seldom do they have help getting off (other than just listening to the girl on the other end of they line). So we had Marcus dial 1 800 HOT CUNT and he got connected to a real sex line operator. As he talked and got more and more horny we undid his pants and played with his huge member. That didn't seem to be enough for Marcus so we slid his big dick in our mouths while he was busy talking to the pussy on the phone. Marcus was so turned on it was really fun. Enjoy!
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